Financial Modelling


An integrated financial model is a financial planning (budgeting) tool which contains:

  • Profit and loss/income and expenditure budget
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Opening and closing balance sheets

The model is an integrated system, such that an adjustment to any part of it will be reflected in the rest of the model. For example, an increase in sales income will have a positive impact on the cash flow forecast and bank position in the balance sheet.

An integrated model is a robust method of budgeting over a period of more than one year and is often required in support of long term lending or financing proposals, or as part of a business plan or other strategic plan.

Our Service

Our service will include the preparation of the integrated financial model including detailed notes and assumptions, and presentation of this to your board if necessary. We would also be available to meet with external funders to present and discuss the financial projections if this would be useful.

Please get in touch if you would like to obtain a quote for financial modelling services.

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